Dry Type Cast Resin Transformer

QTC Dry Type Cast Resin Transformers fulfill the highest environmental, climatic and fire behaviour requirements according to international standards IEC 60076-11, 60076-16, ANSI C57.12.01. All of them are thermal class F, climatic class C2, environmental class E2 and fire behaviour class F1.
The tests for the qualification of these transformers were performed at CESI Laboratory in Italy. Bellow there is a brief description of the scope of these specifications:

  • Thermal class F: manufactured with materials which are suitable to work at a maximum temperature of 155 º C
  • Thermal class H: manufactured with materials which are suitable to work at a maximum temperature of 180 º C.
  • Climatic class C2: transformers ready to work with environmental temperature up to – 25 º C
  • Environmental class E2: transformers ready to work in humidity environmental conditions up to 90 (± 5%) and water conductivity of 0,5 S/M to 1,5 S/m.
  • Fire behaviour class F1: Self-extinguishable transformers in a short period of time starting from the disconnection of the transformer and without production of opaque smokes and halogen-free.

  • Power ratings: From 50 KVA up to 20 MVA.
  • Insulation level: From 1,1 KV up to 36 KV (we can manufacture up to 52 KV on customer requirement).
  • Frequency: 50 or 60 Hz
  • Voltage regulation in any of its windings by means of screw bridges up to 7 positions.
  • Vector group: monophasic or triphasic transformers with possibility of triangle, zig-zag or delta connections in any of its windings.
  • Number of windings: Possibility to manufacture transformers with primary + secondary, double secondary, triple secondary and any other type according to requirements of customer.
  • Cooling: transformers are manufactured with the following type of cooling according to UNE-EN/IEC 60076: AN and AF.


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