Messages from the Chairman of the Board of Directors

Formerly, Thailand and the world have had to encounter with several financial and economic crises. The recent one is caused by COVID-19 pandemic leading to huge damages across the world throughout these 2-3 years. Currently, severity of COVID-19 pandemic has been highly decreased therefore economy starts to be

QTC Energy Public Company Limited has encountered with various economic crises challenging potential of our directors, executives, and employees who have strived to manage and adjust business strategies to meet with situations. Therefore, the Company has been able to overcome all crises and all crises have already
proved that QTC has firm foundation and becomes the strong organization with promptness on operational policies and mechanisms to deal with all possible crises. In addition, the Company has also been able to gain satisfying profits regularly.

For 2023 economic trend, it is expected that Thai economy will be recovered and grown by 3-3.5% from tourism activities of Thailand foreign tourists as well as consumption of private sector. This will drive economy continuously while helping to reduce effects caused by world economic slowdown.

The Company has strived to maintain existing customer base while expanding our business to new customer base in and outside Thailand, adjusting business plan, preparing strategies, searching for new partners to develop our business, looking for opportunities to grow our business, and generate sustainable wealth to our shareholders.

Moreover, the Company’s Board of Directors highly emphasizes on Good Corporate Governance as well. In 2022, the Company has obtained the score on Corporate Governance Assessment in excellent level for 8 consecutive years reflecting determination, concrete and definite operation on this matter. Moreover, the Company also aims to maintain standard and quality of Good Corporate Governance strongly and intensively.

The Company’s Board of Directors would like to express gratitude to all patrons, stakeholders, and related persons in Thailand and other countries for your consecutive support. The Company would like to ask you to believe that the Company’s Board of Directors would manage our Company to grow stably and

Mr. Krirk-Krai  Jirapaet

Chairman, Board of Directors

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