A Message from the Chairman of the Board
of Directors

QTC Energy Public Company Limited or “QTC” has a good corporate governance philosophy, based on corporate governance principles and ethics, with an accountability for society, environment and all stakeholders. Adhering to fair business competition with the best quality of products, the Company recognizes that corruption is a serious threat that destroys fair competition and causes damage to national economic and social development.

To insist on ideology and raise awareness among directors, executives, employees and all stakeholders, the Company has announced its intention to be part of Thailand’s Private Sector Collective Action against Corruption (CAC). In order to ensure that the Company complies with anti-corruption measures, the Company has developed written anti-corruption policy and relevant practices to be guidelines for all personnel at all levels as a basis for their work. It is part of the Good Corporate Governance Policy of QTC Energy Public Company Limited and its subsidiaries as our intention to make it a part of corporate culture and value “Corruption is unacceptable.”

The Board of Directors expects all directors, executives, employees and all stakeholders to cooperate in the implementation of the anti-corruption policy and related practices to build the prosperity and develop the sustainable enterprise
together forever.

Mr. Krirk-Krai Jirapaet                                          

Chairman of the Board of Directors                              

QTC Energy Public Company Limited                           

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